Planning To Sell Annuity Settlement? Know The

Sell Annuity Settlements

It is comforting to know that annuities can bring you a stable income when you retire – but it is more exciting to know that if you sell annuity settlements, you could enjoy some big profits.

I’ll explain how in a moment.

Even as you enjoy the safety of a structured settlement from your insurance claim or a lawsuit, know that selling an annuity settlement could put cash in your hands at a profit.

My dad would probably say that you should hang on to those annuities for life, regardless of the fact that you could get a better return by selling them and investing elsewhere.

However, the fact remains that selling annuities gives you control over your wealth.

But If Annuities Are So Great, Why Would Anyone Sell Them?

That is the very same question I asked. And I also found the answer. Millions of people prepare for retirement by buying annuities, and these products give them a dependable source of income throughout their retirement. Isn’t that the retirement goal for everyone?

But life does tend to change – and so do our needs and wants.  It is not unusual to feel you’re not ready to retire, so an additional monthly income is redundant. Plenty of people plan in such a way that there is no room for an annuity in their plan.

They prefer to invest their capital exactly how they like. If there is an annuity in the way, they can sell it for cash.  Quite a few people inherit annuities and prefer to liquidate them for cash. So think about this: if you had the choice, would you make your financial decisions based on chance?

Here’s what I learned about structured annuity settlements. They can be the ideal financial arrangement in personal injury cases settled for cash. The settlement is paid out according to a fixed schedule from an annuity. But there comes a time when you might rather have the cash as a lump sum.

Maybe you have a financial crisis, need to finance your child’s education, invest in a business or buy a new home – There are many reasons you might need cash at that stage of your life. You can sell annuity settlements for a variety of reasons to enable you live the lifestyle you want. You can sell annuities for cash in the following annuity payment arrangements:

  • Structured annuity settlements through insurance claims or lawsuits
  • Lottery winnings
  • Casino jackpot wins
  • Life insurance policies
  • Business notes
  • Real estate notes
  • Deeds of trust

The annuity can be in your name or someone else's.

When selling annuity settlements, you have the option of selling some or all your payments.

For the ones you don't sell, you continue to receive your periodical payments when they are due.

The best part is, if the payments you receive are tax-free, as they most likely are, the money you get from selling your annuity settlements will also be tax-free.

As you can see - there are big benefits when you sell annuity settlements.

Finding new leads in the sell annuities industry is absolutely crucial! Do you have the necessary Know-How in dealing with potentially 100s of new leads around you?



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