What Retirement Investment Options Should I

Retirement Investment

When you sit down to do your retirement investment planning, obviously your aim is to ensure that you get the best retirement income.

There are a variety of retirement investment options out there.

Which one is best for you?

Where should you put your hard-earned money?

If you’re like me, then chances are you’d be looking at a retirement investment plan that:

  • Brings guaranteed income
  • Is inflation-proof
  • Has a lot of liquidity
  • Keeps growing

Still, the plan you choose will be based on your age, the kind of income you’re looking at and your risk-tolerance levels, so that you can mix and match the various retirement investment options. Without further ado, here’s a look at the best retirement investment planning options and a brief note on each:


Annuities are good retirement investment options from which you can expect a guaranteed income. You can opt for an immediate annuity, where you invest a lump sum and receive a monthly income for the rest of your life.

The good news is if your life expectancy is beyond what you calculated, you get more than you put in. But if you are no more after, say a year after you bought the annuity, whatever is left of your money belongs to the company who sold you the annuity. A variable annuity gives you inflation-proof income. You have the option of bequeathing your principal money to your heirs.

Stocks and Bonds

Create a portfolio of stocks and bonds with the help of a retirement investment service. Based on your portfolio, you can plan for long-term returns with the kind of withdrawal schedule suitable to you.

Retirement Income Funds

Ideal for retirement investment planning, retirement income funds spread your investment over a diversified stock and bond portfolio. You receive monthly income while you control your principal, unlike the immediate annuity. You can access your money whenever you want.


With bonds, you lend your money to the government or a corporation in return for interest for a specific timeframe. When the bond matures, you get your principal money back. This is a steady retirement investment income.

Investment Property

When you invest in real estate, you can get rental income. To get the best out of this, you must have the expertise to get a return on your retirement investment(s) without getting bogged down with unexpected maintenance issues.

Closed End Funds

Most closed end funds yield periodical income from interest, dividends, covered calls or return from principal based on the objective. A mixed portfolio of closed end funds is a good way to maximize your retirement investment income, so long as you do the research to find the right ones.

Dividend Income Funds

Dividend income funds own and manage stocks that pay you a dividend.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Similar to a mutual fund that owns real estate, you invest in these. The fund managers manage the property for a fee and you earn an income. REITs make a good component in a retirement investment portfolio.

You now know the types of retirement investment options available to you.

However, before you put your money on any retirement investment plan, make a list of all your questions and do some serious research.

Then check with a trusted retirement investment advisor before you open a retirement investment account.

After all, you want that hard-earned money of yours to bring you the best retirement income.



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