Investing Strategies -
Turn Hit-or-Miss Investing Into Success

Investing strategies are so simple but so few people use them. Most novice investors (and some who have been at it long enough to know better) look for tips from friends, newspapers or brokers without really knowing what they are doing.

No one would attempt surgery without first spending enough time to be able to perform it successfully. Many who have tried plumbing without first learning what is needed have often regretted the result and perhaps the ceiling repairs that were needed afterwards. Yet too many people with money to invest ?I will not call them investors and probably they would not either ?do so without a clue.

Very few would-be investors I met during a lengthy career as an advisor had taken the time to read a single investment how-to book. They knew that advisors had to have at least some qualifications and so they would start off with something like this: "I have $x to invest, what should I invest it in?"

The question might have been fine if they had then been qualified to judge the quality of a recommendation. This sort of thing goes on in thousands of brokerage offices across the country day after day. The questioner puts all the responsibility of the shoulders of a commissioned salesman who may or may not make valid recommendations. I have known many brokers who couldn't make a profit in their own accounts if their lives depended on it; why should a client have confidence in them?

We will teach you a series of investing strategies in these pages that will make you independent, enable you to stand on your own two feet and confident of making more correct decisions for yourself than incorrect ones. When you understand what you are doing, investing will be less worrisome and much more pleasurable. It will likely be far more profitable, too.

Without a plan you plan to fail. You will have a plan. You will make mistakes as you go along but they will not be fatal. Our investment approach is to preserve capital, to make sure your capital is safe. If we keep it safe, the profits will take care of themselves. You cannot do this without sensible investing strategies.

You will be able to see the commonsense behind every one of these strategies. There are not many, but each one works with the others like separate pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Miss one and you don't have a complete picture.

These strategies will include:

* True diversification
* Buying low and selling high (we will prove a child could do it)
* Saving
* How to choose stocks (you may not believe it but you already know how)
* And plenty of others

When you understand these simple and conservative investing strategies be ready to become the most popular attendee at parties; everyone will want to know the secret to your success.



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