How to Sell Annuities

Sales are a great job, one where there’s huge profit potential, but also offers no halfway success, find out if it’s really for you!

  • Do you work in the annuities & insurance industry?
  • Are you currently underperforming in sales, and losing potential clients to your competitors?
  • Are you shocked at the way successful annuity salesmen work and the phenomenal results they achieve, while working less than you?
  • Why Annuities is a Special Insurance Product.

    Selling annuities is much more about a complicated sales technique than anything else, and annuities it's a product that is definitely more important to the client than any other insurance product. Annuity products are about investment, wealth growth and security, not just old fashioned retirement planning!

    The most common obstacles in convincing potential clients to invest in annuity products, is their stubbornness and refusal to quit 'high interest' FD bank accounts, and accept the fact that their funds will be 100% safe.

    Learn How to Read your Prospect's Mind like an Open Book!

    Much like any financial or other consumer product, CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY is the key! I have worked as a salesman myself, selling insurance and annuity products. My boss told me that consumer psychology was the first thing I would have to get right, before I even met the client! It all started while talking on the phone in cold calling sales. Everything mattered, from the way I talked to the client on the phone, to the way I looked at them and even how I shook hands with them!

    I was amazed at Bill Broich's annuities sales & finding leads guide, not only it reiterated all the amazing sales techniques I had learned at my job, from the very experienced annuity salesmen. But it also went much further and beyond what I could possibly expect from such a low budget guide, after all it wasn't like a 2 day $4,000 seminar host by the best salesman in the world. However it still did the unexpected and hit the nail on the head, it did reveal the consumer psychology element, all the way from the first phone call to the most difficult moment in sales, such as answering a difficult question from a very difficult prospect!

    I did have such a difficult prospect few years ago, I visited him 3 times in order to fully fill him in on the details of the product, and convince him of the worthiness of the annuity contract and how it would benefit him. This prospect was a financially well-off person, one that if interested, would commit huge funds into this annuity product and therefore I considered him one of those rare clients, the ones that usually make most of my commissions and bonuses. I could not afford to lose this sales battle!

    And guess what, this client was way too clever, he had the kind of savvy successful poker players have, he would look straight into your eyes and ask you a tough question, he'd figure out your intentions instantly. The fact is that he was happy about the annuity product, but he only wanted to test me. He did become a client after all, but after winning this sales battle I felt like nothing was going to stop me from being good in future sales. The truth is of course, you don't always know what kind of a person the next lead hides behind it, chances are it will be an average person. But occasionally you do get people who are either way too clever or just downright impossible to fool, and I mean people who want to buy annuities. They have made up their mind that they will! The question is if they will buy from you!

    Lead Flow

    This is where I found Bill Broich's guide extremely useful, it teaches you what to do and what not to do, it will help you achieve clarity with different type of prospects and win sale after sale with all kinds of people, even those hard nuts that have done more homework on annuities than you have.

    You Never know what the Next Lead Hides, It Maybe the Best Annuity Sale you Will Ever Make!

    Selling annuities is quite a science, and being able to match the psychological profile of the prospect is even more so. I used to work for a large insurance firm in my country, I used the car insurance part extensively as an annuities pre-sale channel for finding new leads. We know that everyone drives a car and insuring that car is required by the law. My firm made almost no profit out of this insurance sector, yet it had heavily invested in it, because it knew that today's car insurance buyer will be tomorrow's annuity buyer, and that's where the money is both for the insurance firm and salesmen like us.

    Don't let nobody fool you with snake oil salesman techniques and obsolete, inefficient sales approach methods that really can never work in today's world! And certainly cannot entice today's savvy consumers. Ultimately, you have to realize the sensitive nature of the annuity products and what it takes to present them right.

    With this valuable guide you will learn more than you can possible exercise in a single year of being involved in selling annuities. The very process of learning how to sell annuities has a lot to do with shaping you up as a psychology expert as much as an insurance & pension expert. Even though the sales techniques are amazing and groundbreaking I believe they can apply to other markets as well, (real estate, mortgage etc). These are all sensitive sectors of the banking and insurance industry, where sales people get paid excessively well.

    Once you have been well trained and educated no one can tell how far you will go! Bill Broich's guide is over 400 pages long, it comes with extra bonus stuff, and it's really overwhelming, at some point I thought I would have to attend 7-8 high cost seminars to really learn what Bill's guide offers in a single product. My advice is, don't bother with expensive seminars until you have read this guide first! Premium seminars are fine, and I love them, but the price tag is way too high and you often get the impression that you are being sold the 'wrappings' rather than the content, which is not great.

    I will give you an example of a $4,000, 2 day seminar, that had quite useful sales techniques and tips, but pure teaching time was only about 100 minutes. Give me a break here, Mr so and so, why not host a 2 hour seminar instead for $500? The rest $1500 paid for Mr so and so's air tickets, the hotel , and the refreshments. hmm that's what I mean you are being sold $1500 worth of 'wrappings' and only $500 of real content. Looking back I feel stupid now, and I felt really stupid when I realized the true value of Bill's guide, and you just feel like you have been robbed at those high class seminar meetings.

    Anyway, what happened, happened, back to my point, my boss at my first sales job did a series of mistakes when it came to hiring new agents, he openly admitted it once. Looking back now, I recall that hiring process, and it was ridiculous, it involved a couple of basic and numerical skills tests and some basic communication skills test. I mean WOW! What were they thinking 20 or 30 years ago when these tests were probably invented? Where's the psychological profiling test? That's the single most important skill that can make or break a well going sales talk!

    Would you make a Good Actor in a Serious Movie?

    Let's be realistic here, to make millions selling annuities, takes about the same skill and courage as it takes for a candidate actor to win the highest paying role in a high budget movie! What is the Hollywood movie industry looking for in all new actors? It is looking for talent, lack of pretension, natural looking acting and some other psychological facial expressions, ones that the candidate actor must get right. For example how to fake a real shocked face expression in face of a loaded handgun, etc.

    These are all skills that everyone claims to have, yet very few actually have them, and even those few sometimes may fail to deliver them. So in order to be successful in annuity sales, you have to become a psychology expert, and pay a lot of attention to people's actions and how difficult prospects can make you fail. This annuity sales guide is the key in helping you identify your weaknesses and fix them!

    How Good Can Things Get?

    You will still hit brick walls even after you learn everything in this valuable guide, there are clients out there who will defeat you in the conversation, you will get owned and surrendered.

    But this annuity leads and sales guide tells how to deal even with those hard nuts, and what options you will have then.

    Because let's face it, some people are religiously stubborn and would never invest in annuities because they are victims of the banking system's propaganda.

    And they think they are getting a good deal keeping their money locked up in these banks' vaults.

    Fair enough but at least you should still fight it and leave them with the best impressions, because they can still repeat elements of the conversation to a clever person, one who can see that annuities are a better deal than saving in the bank. And that unexpected lead will call you!

    Generally, finding new annuity leads will increase dramatically after reading this guide, and you as a new, motivational and realistic speaker, and a psychology expert, will be able to achieve many more annuity sales out of those leads, and finally a fat pay cheque!

    Bill Broich certainly DID make millions, and he has proved it:

    Profit or Loss Form

    There's a problem though, he has been so good, that if you happen to attempt to replicate his success in Olympia, Washington, where Bill Broich works. I am sorry but your chances will be significantly reduced Bill Broich has grabbed opportunity in the area by its thorns, and like I said there's no halfway success in annuity sales.Honestly I don't see him retiring before financing his own retirement by at least $10,000,000!

    Lead Flow

    This annuity sales guide is on limited sale offer for only $197, is the best investment you will ever make, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS UNIQUE, PRICELESS TOOL and FORGET all ABOUT PREMIUM SEMINARS!

    Finding new leads and selling annuities successfully, really comes down to one key thing; Consumer Behavior - Psychology! There is no other way around that! And that's why Bill Broich's content is based on academic studies and extensive research on consumer behavior, conducted by the world's best psychology specialists.

    These consumer psychologists have done decade long studies, on 1000s of people and have observed their buying habits. It has been found that most of the time people make impulse buying decisions, even when they have to decide on something as important as their retirement savings vehicle. These scientific findings are used extensively by the marketing industry today, across a wide range of adverts promoting all sorts of products and services. Of course annuities are legitimate, genuine insurance products, and they have nothing to do with hyped everyday consumables, to the consumer however this doesn't matter much, they will still choose to buy the annuity product offer that is best presented, and best 'wrapped', because that's how their mind is conditioned to think!

    You will be amazed at how much you don't know about consumer behaviour!


    You can take a more closer look at the annuity sale guide here.

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