How to Save for Retirement

How to save for retirement?

Sometimes these days it seems impossible. No matter how much you might wish it were otherwise, a successful investing program begins with money. No money, no investment opportunity.

So let's assume you are one of the many who think it is impossible for you to save for retirement. Maybe you're right but wouldn't it be nice to find out you are wrong? You see, for most of it some money just dribbles through our fingers without us even noticing. If we could trap that money, we might have enough to invest.

This awareness began with a very nervous woman who made a panic lunchtime appointment with me in my brokerage office. She had a good job but was drowning in debt and afraid she would lose her husband because of it. There was no way she could become a client but I wanted to help her if I could.

One of her problems was coffee. That's right: just coffee!

She bought takeout coffee on the drive to work, more in mid-morning, still more at lunchtime and again in the afternoon. The drive home took another coffee. No wonder the woman was nervous with so much coffee in her system!

Now you do the math. That's at least five takeout coffees a day for an average of 22 days a month for a total of 110 coffees each month. What does takeout coffee cost in your neighborhood? See where I'm going with this?

I suggested she buy a can of the coffee the takeout place sold, get a Thermos® and make her own. If she paid $10 for a can of the stuff and it lasted a month, how much would she save?

I suggested she put the savings toward paying down her credit cards which carried high interest rates.

Credit card debt may not be a problem for you but finding spare cash for investment may be something you think is impossible. But perhaps it is not impossible at all.

I find that most things that appear difficult become easy if you can find a system to make them possible.

I will tell you about a sure-fire system that will let you find that leaking money that dribbles unnoticed from your pocket or purse. It will not even negatively impact your lifestyle. Hopefully how to save for retirement will no longer be a problem for you.

Don't worry that you know nothing about the stock market and how to use it to build for your retirement; that's what we're going to teach you in this series of articles. I know you may think it is too dangerous…and it is if, like so many people, you go in with your eyes closed. We're going to open your eyes and show you foolproof ways to invest with long-term safety.

We will not mess around with day trading, commodities or foreign currencies.

Let's leave that to the gamblers and those looking for thrills. We need to stick to a few bread and butter rules to build a steady retirement income for you.

But back to that loose change that dribbles out of so many pockets and purses.

Do you think you might discover $200 a month? Never? We'll that's just $6.67 a day. Besides takeout coffees, think soda, comfort food, chips….

Six dollars and 67 cents a day invested at ten percent would get a 25-year-old $1,168,444 with which to enjoy total freedom in retirement.

How to save for retirement may be a lot easier than you think.

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